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Recently I had another conversation with a friend in which they dismissed and talked over my point about reducing waste. I was saying that even though the material aluminium can be recycled, the environmental impact of producing an aluminium can in the first place is immense and it is better to avoid buying drinks in cans.

In typical fashion, no one commented on my point and the discussion moved on to other topics.

Later I commented to my husband that the lack of interest in the topic bothered me. Why didn’t people care about these things? Why don’t they see how our excessive production of waste is polluting the planet irrevocably and we must make changes now if we are to save the planet. …

We’ve been together a long time you and I. Two hundred thousand years is nothing to snuff at. I know we have had our ups and downs but I think as a whole we’ve had a good run.

It’s been fun to watch you grow and change. Your ability to reinvent yourself is amazing. You make me laugh, dance and sometimes sing with joy. You are truly unique and I am glad I got to spend so much time with you.

But lately, I haven’t been feeling so great. I feel that you no longer respect me and that you don’t listen to me anymore. I think it’s time we really hashed this out because what I have tried in the past is obviously not getting through. …

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Why do we put off those things we know we should do? Whether it is exercising more, clearing out the garage or managing our photos, we have an idea of what we need to do but the thought of going through the actions of these tasks can seem overwhelming, distasteful or pointless. Even knowing that putting off certain tasks could hurt us later, we will still hesitate. So how do we stop procrastinating and tap into motivation when we need it?

When faced with a decision to make or a task to complete, we usually rely on our self-control in order to push ourself to get things done. Furthermore, our motivation, which is based on the expectation of receiving some reward for our efforts, can support our self-control, and make it more likely that we will get things done in a timely manner.

I love the idea of a plastic free July. It is a great challenge for those who want to do something for the environment and who want to feel part of a community. But I have been trying to go plastic free for some time now and I know how hard it can be. In addition to the logistics, there is the mindset. Once you become aware of all the plastic we consume you can’t go back to the simple life. Every decision you make starts to take into account the plastic you may end up using. And when you can’t avoid it, the guilt creeps in. It can get a bit demoralizing. To maintain our focus but still find the humour, my husband and I, Arrow fans that we are, have started using the phrase “You have failed this planet!”, …

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With the plethora of smart phone cameras out there, you might think that real cameras with interchangeable lenses would be on their way out. But like books in this digital age, there is a time and place for everything.

I must admit to have been brought reluctantly into the world of smart phone cameras. I was one of those people who held on to the Blackberry for yes, the keyboard, and someone who preferred to shoot with a manual DSLR. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone that I started to see the potential. Hipstamatic came out around 2009 and it used filters that could simulate all sorts of film types and lens distortions. In addition, the interface was designed to look like an old camera. The effects were amazing, creative and fun and I was hooked. …

Generally, successful people get interviewed. If you could be interviewed by someone you admire, what would you talk about?

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I have been following the photographer and entrepreneur Chase Jarvis for about 15 years. His was the first commercial photography portfolio I saw online and one of the first creative blogs I ever read.

I downloaded and used his precursor to Instagram app (Best Camera) and actually resisted Instagram when it came out as he did, though for different reasons. …

Every day I walk my dog and every day I pick up garbage that has mysteriously never made it to the garbage or recycling bin. It pains me to see what humans so mindlessly pitch out their car windows or drop by the side of the road. Every day I think humans are disgusting and lazy and they deserve to die out. On better days I think, not ALL humans are horrible. Some are trying to change the way things are done. …

Canada just announced that they would ban single use plastics by 2021. For those of us concerned with the amount of plastic in our oceans and parks, this is great news and also long overdue. However, I can’t help but feel it rings of green washing, especially since we are 6 months from an election.

The plastic waste situation is massive; global and destructive and overwhelming in its scope. We are literally drowning in existing plastic. It clogs our waterways, oceans and landfills and it has a devastating effect on marine life. We have all seen the YouTube videos of people pulling straws out of turtles, and untangling sea lions and large mammals from fishing lines. We have seen pictures of huge whales washing ashore, dead from consuming poisonous plastic. …


Leni Johnston

Photographer, organizer, environmentalist, traveler — keen on saving the planet through art and action.

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